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1 Membership on Sat Feb 02, 2013 2:55 am

Robert Grindlock

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Hello everybody ,a new update come with a premium acces for users ,the name is "membership"

How to become Membership ?

If you want to become membership you need to earn 300 points 270 Points for 1 mounth of membership , if you have 540 500 points you will get 2 mounths and 1 week of free.
If you want to don't have disabled membership ,you need to contribute to our community with tutorials ,helping users and others.

How to earn points

You are registered user ,you get automatic 1 point per day .
Sharing our community in your forum ,for exemple a global announcement ,will give you 20 points .
Trading points of others users ( you can request them to give theirs points , contact me with an Private Message if you and them want ).
Sharing an tutorial ,first it need to be accepted ,that will give you 5 points per tutorial.

What you do when have points ?

When you have a minimum number of 270 points you send me a Private Message with username ( you can give to other user membership ),after that from your account ,will be extracted requested points.

What gave membership ?

An new style of buttons : edit,quoute ,ip ,delete ,etc.
Acces to a membership area were you can find tutorials,premium codes and more .
When you post ,you will have a special rank : Membership.


Version 0.0.1 : Added a special rank
Version 0.0.2 : Special buttons
Version 0.0.3 : New rank design.

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2 Re: Membership on Sat Feb 02, 2013 2:57 am


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Hello ,i'm a membership come and you and make posts ,now i go in membership area ,with my new style of buttons.

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